Great Rebuilding News!

This photo shows a few Happy Sweetpea Faces! Thank you to all the Volunteers, Neighbors and Paxton residents, supporters and Town Officials! Our Variance and Special Permit were approved at the ZBA meeting tonight! We have 20 a day waiting period and then we can apply for our Permit to Rebuild our Shelter! 🙂

The Zoning Board of Appeals voted 5-0 on Oct. 19 to grant a special permit to Sweetpea Friends of Rutland Animals, Inc., to reopen, and voted 4-1 to grant a variance for the setback from the road. The setback variance was required because the existing buildings are too close to the property line, as the building was built before the zoning law was enacted.
That means that we can rebuild, once we have the rebuilding permit approved (hopefully soon)!

💖 SWEETPEA STRONG! We are so thankful to all of you!

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Fundraising Report

Our Spring Dog Walk was held on Sunday April 30th. We had a brilliant day – lots of music, food, and fun …. you can see the photos and the fundraising report here. We raised $2321 thanks to your generosity. It is your support that keeps us going as we work toward rebuilding. Thank you from all of us at Sweetpea Friends of Rutland Animals!

Also see our St Patrick’s Day Parade report.