Our shelter on the border of Paxton and Rutland caught fire on Saturday 11/21/2015. We lost 17 dogs and 39 cats. We are still in a state of shock, trying to take care of the remaining animals and to clean up. We are setting up dog runs in the main office building and a cat room in the basement. Please donate, via Paypal or our GoFundme link. 
Animal Updates: Brooklyn Skye and Jade are eating on their own. Divinci is showing some improvement. All three dogs are with the local vet. Stella is still in critical condition at Tufts University Veterinary Center. Kitten the cat is recovering at the vet and we are trying to catch a cat who escaped into the woods.

Sweetpea would like to thank everyone for their quick support and for their ability to come together as a community in order to help us. We would like to thank everyone who came out to the vigil for the animals we lost – we hope that it did as much for you as it did for us. We have had such an overwhelming amount of food, blankets and other necessities donated that we can proudly say that we do not need any more.  We will be posting an updated needs list shortly. Thank you to everyone who has supported us in these difficult times – and thank you for the outpouring of generous donations. The response to our disaster has been heartwarming and overwhelming. We can’t replace the animals who perished in the fire – our lost fur-babies will always be in our hearts and our memories. But we can continue to rescue animals as we move on and rebuild.

Sweetpea For Animals is a nonprofit, no-kill animal rescue organization. We take in animals who are on “death row” at other shelters, or whose owners can’t keep them but don’t want to surrender them to a kill shelter. We rely on donations, plus any revenue raised from boarding dogs and cats at our kennels, to run our animal rescue. This fire will clean out our whole year’s operating budget. We will struggle to rebuild and to pay off the mortgage. This is really serious for us – we had just taken a mortgage on the rescue shelter and one of the two shelter buildings burned to the ground. We have our phone line back up — please call only if you have URGENT business: 508-757-7959