Some of our adoptable dogs

  • Sydney - A beautiful, friendly, and gentle 6 year old red nose Pit Bull mix. Sydney is an energetic girl, who will chase a ball for hours but is equally happy to be a lap-dog! She is laid back and grew up in a home with kids. Sydney is scared of hyper dogs, so needs to be an only pet or with a calm companion.

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Miss Sydney is loving the snow!

Sydney is a beautiful and gentle 6 year old red nose Pit Bull mix. She is such a good girl – well-behaved, sweet, loving, and calm.  We are told that she is great with kids, but she needs to be an only pet, as she is afraid of other dogs. Sydney has been here for over a year now and would love to have someone to snuggle up to of her very own!

Lovey Bear is also having fun in the snow

Lovey Bear is between 2-5 years old — probably at the lower end, but we’re not sure. Just as her name says, she loves you, showering you with hugs and kisses non stop! She’s a Big East Akita Rescue Dog (BEAR), who we are taking care of, so she can be met with here, but adoption applications go through BEAR. See Lovey’s details.