Sweetpea Update

In preparation for applying to the Zoning Board, Sweetpea’s attorneys referred us to an engineer to prepare the site plans required by the Zoning Board. Unfortunately the plans that we had in our possession from previous work done did not meet the requirements of the Zoning Board. We contracted with the engineer and the work is in progress.

While this is being done, our Rebuild Committee is meeting with contractors to get estimates on demolition and building a new shelter on the footprint of what was there. As much as it has pained us to leave the destroyed kennel there, we have never gotten a clear answer from the town if tearing it down before we have permits to rebuild would adversely affect us.

Our tax return was filed on Monday, May 15, to meet the filing extension deadline for Fiscal Year 2016. We are now working with our accountants to prepare a review required by the Attorney General’s office. Last year was a challenge because we went from leasing the property in Paxton to purchasing it in April 2015. We were in the midst of preparing for renovations when the kennel fire occurred. In the aftermath of the fire, we were blessed with the generosity of the public. That significantly increased our income for that short period of time and overwhelmed our very basic volunteer bookkeeping which challenged our accountant. Since then we have been working with the accountants to accurately report those events and to improve our accounting system going forward.

As we have said in the past, all funds donated for rebuilding are secure in a Rebuild account and are to be used only for that purpose. Undesignated donations are used to maintain the existing property and to help care for a small number of cats that we are able to keep in foster care homes.

We hope to get back to you soon with more news of progress.

Sweetpea Update 5/22/2017