We’re excited to announce our participation in TD Bank’s Affinity Membership Program, in which TD Bank makes annual contributions to non-profits like us based on the participation of their supporters. For every supporter who joins the program, Sweetpea will receive at least $10/year. If you have an account with TD Bank, or open a new one, you just have to tell them that you want your account to support Affinity Code AJ296.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: What information does Sweetpea get about my bank accounts?A: Nothing. We get a summary count of the number of supporters who affiliated their account with Sweetpea like “10 supporters signed up, so you get $100”
Q: Is there any cost to me?A: No. TD Bank makes a donation with their own money because you affiliated your account. Sweetpea has no information about or access to your account. Any other direct financial support to Sweetpea would have to continue to come through the other links on our page or by check.
Q: Can I withdraw my affiliation in the future?A: Yes
Q: How do I join the Affinity Program?A: Call or visit your local TD Bank branch with your account numbers and our Affinity code AJ296

See the program brochure from TD Bank below. If the brochure doesn’t open up in your browser, click the “SweetpeaFriendsORA” or “Download” link shown.