A whole lot of people – Sweetpea volunteers, friends, and relations – showed up to say goodbye to DaVinci, our longest term resident – and the last of our fire dogs – who has left us to join a trainer who can teach him some manners. His Sweetpea fan club gathered to wish him all the best in his new home – everyone got very emotional about his departure!


Dick went to do a home check on Stella, one of the dogs who survived the fire. She LOVES her new home, is soooo happy and is doing great!
Dick & Stella

Button Lee

This is Button Lee. We adopted her last year and it’s been wonderful. My son loves her so much that he cries if she is not feeling well. Today she is nine, happy and full of energy.  I’m posting this today because my son asked me to please find her sister. See she has a sister named Kitten Lee who got adopted before we could get them both. He wants the girls to find each other again and still feel their connection. If anyone here adopted Kitten Lee please get in touch and let us meet. My son would love to reunite the dogs!

You can contact Button Lee’s owner via her Facebook page.



Does anyone remember Bella(trix), posted after the fire? She was adopted by her foster family (Delaney and her family) on May 14th, her birthday. She loves her bed, sunbeams, ice cubes, and most of all her family. Hard to believe this is the same little nugget that had to be muzzled every time she met someone. Goes to show how much some training, discipline, and lots of love can do for a dog. Delaney adds: Please remember that there are a lot of ifs in life and your dog might not always be yours. Please train your dogs, you never know what might happen

. Bella


Molly was found abandoned after giving birth, locked in an old car in Warren, MA with her puppies. Molly (previously known as Poppy) was adopted to a great home, where she is loved and cherished. Just look at the huge basket full of toys that she has! Her current owner says: “Molly is the most awesome dog – we love her – thank you for saving her.”



Donna writes … I adopted my chihuahua Hanna (formerly Runway) in May 2015. She had been found on an airport runway in Southbridge Ma. She was extremely skinny and had mature cataracts. I later learned she has Iris Atrophy as well. She fit in with my 13 yr old greyhound AJ and 4 yr old cat Bailey right from the start… She is now completely blind though and we are learning to adjust together. She navigates the house with ease and knows many commands. I made stairs with sides so she can get on the bed/couch easily. She loves her walks in the neighborhood that came after some training and persuasion. Living with a blind animal causes you to adjust the way you live your life, but really are no different than any other pet. Hanna is my constant companion; even sleeping under the covers on my bed. She even has her own pillow. We attend events with our friends, promoting adoption of elderly, blind and or hearing impaired animals. I have learned the beauty of trust/loyalty with Hanna. She must rely on me 100%. To see that in action is beautiful. She has taught me that when life throws you lemons, you just take a breath and keep going. I could keep her home and shield her from the world, but she enjoys going to events, so THAT is what we will do! Mostly though, she sleeps in my lap or follows me around the house. I love her so much. Thank you Sweetpea! Hannah


Roux, formally known as Chewy, was found with his mother and litter mates at only a few days old. He and his family were fostered out of Deanna’s home. This love bug is now happily living his life lake side with his best friend Sophie a cavalier mix. He in joys getting into kitty mischief and play with toys … and an occasional fall in the toilet when running at high speeds around the house early in the morning! Roux


This is Brayden. He was adopted as an 8 week old baby who was born at Sweetpea. He was adopted in November 2006 and has lived a spoiled and happy life with me and my family (the family came after him). He’s been to obedience school, and is a very smart boy. He is the love of my life, my first (fur)baby and now is a big brother to two human children. He has a big yard to play with his fur brother in and he has two cats and 12 chickens he looks out for. He is the best baby anyone could ask for! His mom was found pregnant in Rutland state park and was brought into Sweetpea to have the babies and be cared for. He’s still as snuggly as he was when he was a baby and sleeps with me every night! Brayden


We adopted our kitten in November of 2014. Known as Andy in the shelter we named him “Happy”. He has made our whole house very happy! He sleeps in a ball and hugs his back legs and loves to be held like a baby. He plays fetch like a dog with his favorite ball. He greets me when I wake up in the morning and every afternoon when I get home from work. We love him and are so lucky to have found him at Sweetpea! Happy2

Not all our adopted pets are listed – we had many more successful adoptions, but many were deleted from the Petfinder database.