Karen Sultan presents the Big Y donation to Dick & Mary Clark, for Sweetpea

Sweetpea was presented with a donation of $295.00 from Holden Big Y Store Director, Karen Sultan, for the Big Y Community Bags purchased during the month of May.

All donations for May were designated to go to Sweetpea, but the purchaser can designate their own charity within 7 days of purchase by going online. So you can still purchase one of these bags at any time and designate $1.00 of the $2.50 price to go to Sweetpea.

The Holden Big Y store is located at 160 Reservoir Street (Rt 31), Holden, MA 01520 – phone (508) 829-9614.

We want to give a huge THANK YOU to Big Y for choosing Sweetpea as their recipient for the month of May — and thank you to all who purchased bags!

Big Y Donates $295.00 to Sweetpea for Community Bag Sales