Donate or Bid For Original Art in Our Annual 💖 HeART Auction

Artists and art lovers! We present our 💖 HeART Auction for 2019! The slideshow presents art and craft items by adult, teen, and pre-teen artists, who have donated their work to support Sweetpea.

  • "Cat Love" sign Acrylic on wood 5x8?; Artist: Kallie Harding. Starting bid: $20.00; U.S. Shipping: $10.00

The auction runs from Feb 14 through midnight Feb 28th:

Scroll through the items for auction above.

From 12:00 am February 14 – 11:59 pm February 28, you can place bids on the items by visiting the  HeART event Facebook art photo album.

The highest bidder at 12:59 pm February 28 wins the bid. The highest bidder will be notified they are the highest bidder. Highest bidder then pays for the item(s) (plus shipping) through our paypal link, here:

Item will then be shipped. Some items may be to costly to ship. Those items will be listed as local bids only and must be picked up.

All proceeds will go to help finish the new facility so we can reopen and return to rescue of animals.

Please let Melanie know if you have any questions, preferably via Facebook PM – or email to Sweetpea if you’re not on Facebook).
Note: There are 5 handmade animal feeling bowls in the auction (shown in a single photo) – you can choose your preferred, food-safe finish, but need to indicate if you are bidding on Bowl 1, Bowl 2, Bowl 3, Bowl 4, or Bowl 5 (all the same size).

February 💖 HeART Auction!
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