Saturday, May 20th, 2017 Sweetpea along with Juno’s Place and Hanna’s Home, attended the 2nd Annual Petfest in Glens Falls NY with our friend Hudson the Railroad Puppy. We had a great day. It was Jake’s first event since his attack. He did great! Juno wowed her fans in her convertible and Sweetpea alum Hanna did what she does best – slept through it all! We love our NY fans; they are so generous! We talked about Sweetpea and our mission, met some new friends, ate some food, and saw some really awesome dogs and cats, too. We even met Gordon Shell. You can check out more about him here and here. We look forward to attending again next year.


Petfest Banner
2nd Annual Petfest Glens Falls NY

Sweetpea table
Donna Bisceglia and Hanna are manning the table. Juno is in our friend Amy Sornberger’s arms.

Deb Young and Donna Bisceglia
Deb Young with Jake from State Farm and Donna Bisceglia, Hanna (she’s in her sling…sleeping, of course.

Hudson The Railroad Puppy and dad Richard Nash
Hudson the Railroad Puppy and his dad Richard Nash

Juno in her convertible
Juno in her convertible

Group photo
Group photo with Sweetpea, Juno’s Place, Hanna’s Home, Hudson the Railroad Puppy.
2nd Annual Petfest 5/20/2017