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If you wish to adopt one of our animals, you must fill out a copy of our adoption form*. Please bring this form along with you or mail/email it to us at the address below.

Our adoption fees are $300 for dogs and $200 for cats. There is also a $30 refundable spay/neuter fee for any animal that has not already been sp[ayed or neutered, prior to adoption. Please see the adoption form for other terms and conditions of adoption.

*The regular adoption form is in Microsoft Word format, so you can type in your information.
A PDF format version is available here, if you prefer.

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HalloweenSpooktacular 2015

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[Footer 1] – Contact Us
Sweetpea For Animals
1090 Pleasant Street
(Route 122)
Paxton, MA 01612
Phone: 508-757-7959

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[Footer 3] – Opening Hours
Shelter Hours: 10am – 3pm,
Fri – Weds (closed Thursdays)
Boarding: 8.30am – 4.30 pm,
7 days/wk

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